PCM guarantees its doors sold to customers and affiliated distributors for a period of five (5) years from the invoice date. This limited guarantee covers all potential manufacturing defects encountered during normal use of one of our products.

However, this guarantee does not include any damage caused by:

  • wrong or abusive use by the buyer;
  • inappropriate installation;
  • the transformation or modification of a product without PCM Inc.’s written consent;
  • exposure to water or liquids, humidity or improper storage;
  • change in model, colour, materials, etc. made by Portes PCM Inc. or one of its suppliers since the date of purchase;
  • warping of doors that measure more than 36 inches;
  • warping of doors that measure less than 36 inches if the warping is less than 1/4 inch.


  • Width and height tolerance of approximately 1/32 inch.
  • A third strap hinge is required for doors that measure more than 36 inches.

This guarantee is limited at the sole discretion of PCM Inc. to the repair or replacement of the defective door. All other labour, transportation, installation, dismantling or any other damage costs are not covered by this guarantee. The replacement or the repair of a door does not extend the original guarantee in any way.